Idaho Life Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions: Find Solutions With Ease

We know signing up for a life insurance policy can be a big commitment, but we are here to help all of our visitors through the process! Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out this Frequently Asked Questions section! Here you can find all kinds of helpful information about the purchasing process!

How can I get a plan at an affordable price?

Taking out your policy online is the fast and easy to get insured! Just fill out the form with some information about yourself and the kind of policy you'd like. In just minutes, we'll match your data up with some of the trusted providers in our network!

Do you sell policies?

No, we are not a life insurance provider. However, we do work within the industry and are affiliated with many different insurers. Using our service, you can get matched up with several of our providers in just minutes!

What if I'm a smoker?

Although smoking can lead to higher prices, there are many providers who are more than willing to insure you. Why not try out our service and get matched up with a company that specializes in providing options for smokers?

Can I get term or permanent coverage?

In most cases, you can get qualify for whichever type best suites you! There are many providers in our network who can provide either type of plan to you!

Is this type of protection affordable?

With so many different companies vying for your business, premiums are more affordable now than ever! As any economist could tell you, healthy market competition only benefits the consumer.

What will my premium be?

It's very difficult to estimate your unique life insurance rate, but we can tell you some of the most important factors that go into determining it. Your age, credit score, current health condition, and the size of your policy all play a significant role in coming up with your score.

How much protection do I need?

The size of your policy depends on your individual circumstances. For instance, those with children or other dependents probably need a fairly large policy compared to those who do not any dependents.

Is your service free?

Yes! Using our service won't cost you a penny! Even if you can't find a provider that can help you, there are absolutely no hidden fees or obligations! You can come back and get free quotes whenever you want.

Will my information be secure online?

Of course, the life insurers in our network utilize the latest in online security measures to keep your information safe. Your information will also be kept confidential and never used in any mailing lists.

  As you could probably guess, your age is an important factor when it comes to determining your life insurance rates